VanEd Texas Course Approvals

Van Education Center courses are approved and regulated by a number of organizations depending on the course topic, state and/or national governing authorities. We strive to have all our courses approved at the highest levels, even when not required, in order to ensure the highest quality of content and online delivery.

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TREC Certified

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has recently implemented rules for education that set higher standards and require new certification for all licensing courses delivered by a distance education method. All online Texas core courses must meet these new standards by September 2017, and all of VanEd's pre-license and SAE courses have been approved by TREC under the new rules.

The new rules better define the subject matter covered in each course in order to ensure that students gain the knowledge required to pass the state licensing exam and begin a successful career. ARELLO® certification demonstrates that the online delivery methods employed for the course meet the highest standards in distance education.

Our Texas instructors also hold the CDEI &ndasgh; Certified Distance Education Instructor certification from ARELLO®. This ongoing training ensures our faculty has the broadest and most comprehensive skills available in real estate education. Approved School ID#575 (Core/SAE)

VanEd Texas is a leading provider of High Quality continuing education programs, courses and classes. We are approved in a number of states listed here. We offer online options for continuing education courses.

Continuing Education providers in Texas are required to have a separate stand-alone approval to offer both Continuing Education (CE) and required courses. VanEd is Approved and Regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission to offer all CE courses. CE School ID#0235


The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC) reviews online course delivery to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards. This includes the presentation of content, interactive features, student assessments and student / instructor interaction methods.


ARELLO® is the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, comprised of the official governmental agencies and other organizations around the world that issue real estate licenses or registrations in addition to regulating real estate practice and enforcing real estate law.

One part of ARELLO® is the Education Certification Committee which sets standards for Distance Education and Review. From the latest research on distance learning and educational delivery, ARELLO® has compiled a comprehensive set of criteria against which distance courses can be accurately evaluated.

Having a "measuring stick" is an important step to evaluate quality. What education providers and regulators need is an objective review of courses submitted for credit.

ARELLO®'s Distance Education Council, in conjunction with qualified university consultants, will evaluate the quality of course delivery using the Standards. If the provider's program matches up against the measuring stick, the Council will certify the course delivery.

VanEd is proud to be a certified provider and has been an affiliate of ARELLO® since 1999. We have had members of our team appointed to sit on ARELLO task forces and working groups and committee's, and have working hand-in-hand with regulators to improve quality of design and content in the industry.